Connected with the medical field and under Medical Laboratory Technical Schoolstudy course i.e. DMLT, PGDMLT, Accordingly Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology, the diploma after 12th Science , BSc, Degree, Post Graudate DegreeCourses. In the let century there has been a remarkable progress in themediacal field.The Conversance of Medical services have been done in medical professional.Due to which, every hospital is being modernized. Patients are also visiting atsuch places where there are kinds of testing facilities. Today in every hospital,there is a pathology , X-ray machinel ECG machine, MRI, City Scan etc. all thefacilities are available. However for handling all these affairs, there is need oftechnology. For this purpose, proper training is to be given and the work offorming excellent & expert technician is done by way of Diploma , Degree , PostGraduation is being done since last 14 years. Thousands of students who have
completed this study course are engaged in rural Hospitals, Primary Health
Centres, Blood Banks, Ayurved, Homopathy, Medical college in various
department as well as in Maharashtra State T.B. Control Institution, MaharashtraState Leprosy Disease Society, at such places and accordingly at MCVC college,Dairy ESI Hospital, Kishori College Biotechnology, D.Ed. college at such places,thy are working as Technician.